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Health Care and Faith: Accessibility (Session 3) October 12, 2010

Getting Started

On the Chalkboard

Read Luke 4:16-21.

  • List the specific groups of people Luke mentions.
  • Discuss how health care relates to Christ’s mission to these groups.

The United Methodist Church on Health Care

Biblical Foundations

Read Matthew 25:31-46

  • How does this text relate to health care?
  • How does this text not relate to health care?
  • As disciples of Christ, what does it mean to have a mission to provide for the tangible needs of the least among us?

Read Book of Resolutions (2000) 103.

  • Discuss each section.

The U.M. Council of Bishops has called for legislative health care reform in the United States that is: Inclusive, Affordable, Accessible, and Accountable.

Should Health Care be “Accessible”?


  • Regarding Health Care, what does the word “accessible” mean to you?

Interviews and Questions for Consideration

Dr. John Ross 3

  • What are your first reactions to this story?
  • How easy is it for a simple miscommunication to seriously affect someone’s health within the complexity of the current system?
  • What can be done to assist people who are down on their luck or depressed in seeking and understanding the availability of health care?

Rachael Koehler

  • What are your first reactions to this story?
  • How do variations in health insurance affect the quality of care (i.e. preliminary testing vs. basic care)?
  • If you found yourself with an illness you knew little about, would you know how to navigate the health, financial, and paperwork processes necessary to advocate for effective care?

Rev. David Hoffman

  • What are your first reactions to this story?
  • How would David’s story be different had he and his wife not had two insurance providers, or had not learned how to navigate the systems available to help with their situation?
  • How well do you understand the programs available to help with unpaid medical expenses?
  • How might someone’s access to literacy, language, and education affect their access to health care?

What could you do to train people regarding access to health care benefits?

For next week: what would an inclusive, affordable, accessible health care system look like? What would it take to make such a system fair to everyone of all economic and social walks of life?

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