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Health Care and Faith: Inclusivity (Session 1) October 12, 2010

Getting Started

On the Chalkboard…

  • What words, concerns and reservations come to your mind when you hear the phrase “health care”?
  • What questions come to mind when you think of health care?
  • What are your basic convictions about health care? Why?

The United Methodist Church on Health Care

Biblical Foundations

Read Ezekiel 34:1-10

  • What specific actions (or inactions) does Ezekiel speak against?
  • Discuss health care in relation to Ezekiel 34:4.
  • How does this text relate to health care today? How does this text not relate to health care today?

Social Principles: The Social Community: V) Right to Health Care

Read the Text from the U.M. Social Principles

  • What does it mean to say stewardship of health is the responsibility of each person?
  • What does it mean to say the creation of personal, environmental, and social conditions fostering health is a joint responsibility? How does this happen (i.e. faith-based initiatives, legislation, business owners, etc.)?

The U.M. Council of Bishops has called for legislative health care reform in the United States that is: Inclusive, Affordable, Accessible, and Accountable.

Should Health Care be “Inclusive”?

On the Chalkboard…

  • Regarding Health Care, what does the word “inclusive” mean to you?

Interviews and Questions for Consideration

Dr. John Ross 1

  • What are your first reactions to this story?
  • What is the impact of the high cost of health insurance for people who struggle financially to pay other bills (home, school, etc.)?
  • What is the impact on families when people die from treatable illnesses?

Robin’s Story

  • What are your first reactions to this story?
  • How many serious accidents or illnesses are you from mounting health care debts like those described here?
  • What could protect small business owners from experiences like this one?

How could a more inclusive health care system provide peace of mind that situations like these will not happen unnecessarily?

For health care to be inclusive, it also must be affordable. For next week: consider what it means for health care to be affordable.

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