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Health Care and Faith: Leader Guide October 12, 2010

How to Lead This Study

What You Need:

  • The Bible
  • 2008 United Methodist Book of Discipline
  • 2008 United Methodist Book of Resolutions
  • John Wesley’s Sermon “On the Use of Money”
  • Audio/Video TV or Screen, Whiteboard, Necessary Paper Supplies


How to Prepare:

This study is discussion-based, but draws on the United Methodist biblical, historical, and theological traditions. To lead constructive conversations, familiarize yourself with each of the biblical texts, the other United Methodist resources, and the video clip interviews before you begin the study.


The Study’s Structure:

The study is designed to be a five-week course. Each week explores one facet of health care reform. The first four weeks examine Inclusiveness, Affordability, Accessibility, and Accountability. The final week looks into faith-based health care ministries and practical ways to become involved in health care reform.


Online Forum Discussions:

To facilitate conference-wide conversations, leaders and participants are invited to go online to the webpages for each study session and post their thoughts, questions, responses, and so on. The forum gives you the opportunity to engage people from other congregations in a wide discussion, along with other groups of people who are learning from this study. Simply post your comments right on the webpage for the week you are discussing.



A DVD version of this study is also available on request. Contact Rev. Deanna Stickley-Miner of the West Ohio Conference office at: dstickley@wocumc.org

  1. Online Session 1
  2. Online Session 2
  3. Online Session 3
  4. Online Session 4
  5. Online Session 5

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